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Is it possible to hack Australian online casinos? Top Facts

The thought of hacking and stealing on the Internet makes few people happy. We all want our funds and confidential information stored online to be safe and sound. And every time that dreaded "X" word comes up unexpectedly, we feel an unpleasant tingle in our loins. But as frightening as that thought is, you've probably already asked yourself (even purely theoretically, "Is it possible to hack an online casino in Australia?"

You're in luck, today we're going to talk about it and financial security included. A little patience and you may find some useful tips about top Australian casino online for yourself!

Best casino sites online

Casino hacking programs and tools vs. malware

To begin with, let's assume that you are among those people who are wary and opposed to hacking gambling sites - an honest member of society, so to speak who just wants to play blackjack online game. But what if you're a player on the other team? The one who is really looking for a hacking program on the Internet that will, in simple terms, help illegally increase income?

While it is true that "password brute force" programs do exist (it should be noted that it will take a very long time to find thousands of characters and combinations), you are more likely to encounter a completely different phenomenon. Namely, with programs that promise to "help you win at any slot machine at various Australian online casinos". But it's really a trap, because this software is nothing more than malware that can harm your computer and/or help gain access to your personal data.

The real software which will allow to get an access to any site, firstly, nobody will put in public, and secondly - each project is different and, respectively, there is no universal software [so to say] for all occasions.

In other words, all hacking is a painstaking process of searching for vulnerabilities with different approaches and often with the help of social engineering.

Financial transactions at online casinos in AU

For security purposes, always check whether the page on which financial transactions are conducted is protected by an SSL certificate with a 256-bit encryption key.

The scanned documents sent by users for verification are not stored on the online casino's servers. The files are automatically deleted after successful verification.

Another way online casinos use to ensure security is to ask for scans of passport, driver's license and, in some cases, receipts or copies of payment orders. It is useful to know that all these copies are not stored forever and will be automatically deleted after the verification process. All this is for your own safety. In case the information on the scans contradicts your registration information, the payment will be immediately frozen.

Tips on how to avoid hacking your own computer

There are several ways to avoid becoming a victim of a hacker. Here are a few of the most common ones:

  • Don't download various dubious programs (and seemingly not dubious ones either). In 100% of cases, under the guise of casino hacker software, they will slip you a Trojan (or something similar) and organize a backdoor for unhindered "walks" through your device. You can only imagine what will happen next...
  • Make up complex passwords. As mentioned above, there are indeed programs that brute-force passwords. A complex password consisting of a variation of upper- and lower-case letters, different symbols and digits will keep you safe. The more chaotic the arrangement of characters, the better.
  • Use firewalls and computer protection software. If you don't have antivirus or firewall software on your computer, it's more vulnerable to attack. It's an easy prey. Always install fresh updates and don't use pirated software.
  • SSL certificate. Again, as mentioned before, always check if the online casino has a valid SSL certificate. If the information is transmitted via HTTPS, it means the page is encrypted and therefore safe. See the screenshot for an example.

Thoughts about hacks and security?

Are you concerned about the security of online gambling on PCs and mobile devices? Are you taking the necessary precautions? Have you ever heard of someone's account being hacked? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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