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List of Video Games That Had a Completely Different Beginning

Video game making, some say, is not rocket science, but it’s not a walk in the park. Developing good and captivating video game titles is not an exclusive reserve of a few. However, it is not as easy as enjoying online slots after reaching the TrueBlue casino login page. A lot of things come into play to make a video game interesting, captivating, and fulfilling. Whenever a title lacks them, it becomes a failure.

There are different genres and storylines in the world of video gaming. However, being able to develop a game that starts with a particular genre or storyline, only to change or develop into something different, is the stuff of geniuses. It could make or mar the entire effort, and many video game titles come with such settings. They had beginnings that are completely different from the later parts. Below are six video games with different beginnings.

Mine Craft

The Chronicles of Riddick

When you are trying to explain to a layperson how a video game can successfully switch from one genre in the beginning to another in the middle, this is it. The title starts as a puzzle and adventure game when it revolves around the prison. There, the ruthless killer named Riddick is presented as ready to do anything to escape prison captivity. However, in the course of the game, it completely changes into a stealth action title, as the man character crawls through the maintenance areas and vents in a very creepy manner. As if this is not enough, the game also develops into a first-person shooter title later on as you shoot your way through the areas that are patrolled by guards. But, the good thing about this is that while the game evolves, it gives you a very fulfilling sense of progression and the capability to take on challenges as they come.

Brutal Legend

This is yet another video game that began differently. Many people describe it as a hybrid title that combines two different genres, and they are right. Brutal Legend could be described as an artistic description of what the heavy metal music genre looks like. The inspiration behind the title includes heavy metal covers and real rock stars voicing the characters. There are also soundtracks from some of the biggest heavy metal hits.

However, many people tend to remember the game because of its different beginning. It begins as an open-world action-adventure title. As the game progresses, the title develops into a strategy type. Here, the enemies must be taken down by building armies and managing scarce resources. While some people would have loved the game to remain an open-world gameplay title, many also love the switch to real-time strategy.

Frog Fractions and Nier Replicant

Frog Fractions is one game that many people think its popularity lies in the surprise factor of having a different beginning. In this game, your major role is to kill the insects swiftly to prevent them from devouring your fruit. First, however, it takes the player through a hyper-drive trip and into a courtroom interrogation, which entails two different genres. After this, the player discovers that they are now living on Bug Mars. But it does not end here.

This video game also takes you into a spaceship and turns into a text-based adventure title. Many people may say they got a glimpse of what is to come when they saw the upgrade menu. It involved expected things like lock-on targeting and many unexpected articles like presidential swimming pool, dance shoes, and work visa. However, it takes nothing from the fact that the game had a different beginning.

The Neir Replicant video game was created by Yoko Taro. He described it as a version upgrade of the first Neir that launched in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010. The game has different versions, like some of the top casino bonuses. They include:

• The title named Neir, which was released in Europe and North America;
• The one titled Neir Gestalt, which was released in other parts of the world;
• The third is the Neir Replicant which was released in Japan;
• In the third version, the protagonist is younger, and he is a brother to Yonah. Ver. 1.22474487139 is a modern remake of this version.

We can say that the title is fascinating and compelling, with bizarre characters and a very tragic setting. Because of these qualities, people loved it. However, the start and end of the game are very strong points. It is so because the game begins with the player beating robots to death with their sword in a dungeon-like underground lab. It progresses into the player shooting up and dodging lots of bullets. Later on, you will also encounter some form of RPG action. It later culminates into a full-blown text adventure. This is one game that began differently and ended differently.

Operation Flashpoint

The cold war crisis video game also had a different beginning. This title from the Bohemian Interactive Studio was released in 2001. It involves some turn of events that will surprise you as a player. When you start the game, you are a simple soldier. However, the game will later progress into scenes where you have to do some things with vehicles.

It does not even end with the first switch. Later in the video game, you get into some real-time-shooter actions, where you command units. Though the main mechanics remain the same, the gameplay changes, and you see yourself playing varying characters. At the beginning of the game, you drive to work in a peacetime environment. Later on, you get into a wartime RTS situation.

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

This is a 2002 title that many people will describe as a first-hand person-shooter game. It was the Raven Software that developed the OS X and Microsoft Windows versions, while Vicarious Visions developed the GameCube version. This title starts with you having no real force powers. Here, you only hold guns, making it a complete first-person shooter title.

However, in the course of the game, you start gaining lightsaber and force power. At this time, the game becomes a third-person shooter. However, when you get to this level, you now have the chance to move from gun to lightsabre as you wish. But the truth is that the lightsaber and force power is enough for you unless you have special tasks for the gun.


To attract people’s interest to a thing and have it locked is no child’s play. It makes men be on their wits best all the time. The video games we described above capture situations where games started with a particular genre and later changed into something different. While these are selling points of most of them, they could easily mar games if not done properly. However, all we have mentioned above are typical examples of where these were gotten right.

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