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Online Casino Trends in 2021

The global pandemic has finally consolidated the leadership position of online casinos over offline ones. Today, it is much easier (and, importantly, safer) for bettors to choose best aussie casino through the aggregator of online casino sites and place a bet on the machine they like without leaving home. But the maximum popularity of virtual slots is not the only change in the world of gambling. Experts predict other innovations in this area in 2021, which will be discussed below.

Bitcoin as a new game currency

Some virtual casinos started accepting cryptocurrency for replenishment last year. But, according to gambling experts, 2021 will be a breakthrough for bitcoin casinos. The popularity of this currency in the online slot machine industry is due to several of its characteristics:

• Complete anonymity;
• Security of financial transactions;
• The opportunity to benefit from the difference in rates.

At the same time, according to experts, there will be full-fledged virtual casinos that accept only cryptocurrency. You can also find them at (an aggregator of virtual casinos). But it will be impossible to replenish an account on such services using traditional methods. Therefore, all gambling lovers should think about creating a cryptocurrency wallet.

"Mobilization" of all services

Most of the gamblers make bets from their phones. This was the reason why large online casinos began to massively develop mobile versions of their services. Moreover, we are talking not just about small copies of sites designed to be opened from a phone browser, but about full-fledged applications. According to experts, more than 80% of popular casinos will present (if they have not already done so) software for playing from a smartphone. Users of both IOS and Android gadgets will be able to download applications.

Tightening the rules of responsible gaming

Change not only the gameplay, but also the rules of direct participation in it. It's about responsible gambling. In accordance with the latest amendments to these rules (which were introduced in the UK), gambling operators are required to warn players about the dangers of betting. To monitor the implementation of this requirement, as well as to introduce new changes, the Responsible Affiliates In Gambling Association was opened.

In addition to warning announcements, more stringent restrictions are predicted in accordance with the rules of responsible gaming. They concern the non-admission to the gameplay of residents of certain regions. Moreover, in Britain, only an operator who is a member of GamStop can provide the services of a gambling club. A year earlier, the requirements for operators were limited to a British gambling license.

For players, changes in the rules of responsible gaming can be called positive. They will exclude the possibility of using gambling programs by unscrupulous operators, as well as prevent possible financial and health problems. They will have a negative impact only on gaming clubs, which will have to obtain additional permits for the services provided and adjust the gameplay policy.

Augmented reality

Maximum realism of bets - this is exactly what augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) provides. Technologies are already actively used by some casino halls. They are beneficial and convenient for both sides of the gameplay:

Virtual reality allows gamblers to fully experience the atmosphere of a gaming club, to feel the realism of the bets being made; For a gaming enterprise, modern technologies help to increase customer interest and save real space at the same time. Moreover, AR and VR are not only colorful video slots. Augmented reality will allow players of virtual casinos to "walk" around the gaming hall, examine the avatars of other gambling fans, choose a slot machine of their choice and place their bet. In fact, this is a full-fledged visit to an offline casino that does not require leaving home.

The only drawback of augmented and virtual reality is the need for gamblers to purchase special expensive equipment (without which it is impossible to use AR and VR capabilities). This can slow down the development of modern technologies in the gambling world. But many operators of online gambling establishments are already actively looking for ways to solve this problem and the opportunity to introduce customers to AR and VR at the lowest cost for the latter.

What can ordinary gamblers expect from 2021?

Despite the numerous forecasts in the gambling world made by experts, one should not expect major changes in this area. Especially for players who use virtual casinos for entertainment and recreation. All the changes typical for 2021 are already being gradually implemented by many gaming clubs. Therefore, most gamblers will not even notice them.

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