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Each island country is like a mystery. It is even more interesting when one state occupies an entire continent. Literature in such a country must be interesting, extraordinary, and have some distinctive features which make it unique. That's just the way it is with Australian literature.

So, this country is not only famous because of its magnificent nature, the Sydney Opera House, interesting traditional dishes and rich gambling history. By the way, the history of offline gambling is also rich there - you can enjoy traditional Australian casino games such as poker or “pokies” in Australia on PlayAmo. No, in terms of the number of writers Australia can also give a head start to many countries. For example, there are two Nobel laureates and seven Booker laureates from Australia. Here are the 5 of the most iconic novels and books of Australian writers.


It is a novel about love for a woman, for Australian parents, children, and God. A sensual, romantic, and very sophisticated story of a priest who fell in love with a woman. He was not supposed to, but his feelings were stronger than himself. The book will take readers to exotic Australian locations and surprise them with unexpected plot twists and turns. One of its strengths is the deep psychological portraits of the characters.


The author of this sensational book about India is the Australian writer Gregory David Roberts. The main character is a man with a complicated fate. He lost not only his family but his entire former life after his divorce. His addiction to drugs drove him to crime and prison. The man had to spend 19 years in captivity, and in the second year, he escaped. Then he became a smuggler and speculator, sold weapons, and even took part in the life of the Indian mafia. Who knows what would have happened to the main character if he had not met the true love of his life?


This story is based on the tragic story of the prisoners of war who built the Thai-Burma Railway (also known as the "Road of Death") during World War II. During its construction more than a hundred thousand people died of harsh working conditions, beatings, hunger, and disease, and the ambitious project of imperial Japan was later recognized as a war crime. For this novel, Australian author Richard Flanagan got the Booker Prize in 2014.


It is one of those few books whose plot grips from the first lines and doesn't let go until the last page is closed. The author of the novel is the Australian writer, Markus Zusak. His parents were emigrants from Austria and Germany, who have personally experienced all the horrors of the Second World War. It was their memories that the writer drew upon when creating his book, which, incidentally, was successfully adapted into a movie in 2013.

At the center of the story is the fate of the German girl Liesel, who finds herself in a difficult 1939 year in someone else's home in a foster family. This is a novel about war and fear, about people experiencing terrible moments in the history of their country. But this book is also about extraordinary love and kindness.


A novel by a famous Australian writer is dedicated to two simple toilers - farmer Stan Parker and his wife Amy. The author is primarily interested in the inner world of the characters, together with them he is looking for the meaning of human existence. The entire life of his characters Patrick White with striking psychological cogency and force asserts the high moral ideal of people.

The book shows a broad panorama of life on the Australian continent throughout the XX century: as Australia gradually transformed from a deserted backwater of the "Great British Empire", populated by poor European immigrants and former convicts, in one of the happiest and most developed countries in the world.

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