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Train your brain: logical sports to try in 2021

In this incredibly weird world, there are such a variety of activities going on we cannot (even if we want to) have it all. Each different one has its own 'entry requirements' and conditions you have to accept. Let's say tennis, for example. Prepare your first five years of wrist pain and mental breakdowns. What about boxing? Hit the pharmacy for some anti pain treatment in advance. You get the idea.

There are also some sports though, that's entirely focused for your mind. And even though you may not feel your muscles dying and screaming after a session, these kinds of 'sports' may even be more exhausting.

Our team gathered a list of activities that are indeed stimulating and challenging for our brain. Are you ready? We are, so let's go!



You may be surprised, but puzzles are one of the most brain-stimulating activities one could go for. They not only help with focus, orientation, but also help to make a connection between the different sides of the brain and exercise them. They are also an excellent meditation tool, since you have to be focused for long periods to achieve the result. It's great for more visual people, since you can see the result right away.

Playing an instrument


First of all, playing an instrument is one of the greatest stress relievers. In fact, sometimes psychiatrists and psychologists order 'instrument learning' prescriptions for mentally ill patients to help them during the time of crisis. During the p[rocess of playing music, almost every part of your brain is being used. That's why it is so stimulating, rewarding, and advantageous not only to our brain performance but for our mental health as well.

Board, logical, strategy games


Yes, you've read it right. While some of our parents were not quite so happy about this activity, it's scientifically proven to challenge people mentally. It does not only increase memory capacity, help limit trauma and help us with long term planning. Some studies suggest it may even help children with dyslexia. The category is quite broad: it could be video games, online board, strategy games. It could even be such games, often referred to as pokies.

Are you interested in trying? Try best pokies to play, it has a variety of free games to choose what you feel like is most suited for your needs,

Final note

Well, there we have, the three activities that, we believe, each of us should try at least once in our lifetime. Ready, steady, go!

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