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Unusual places to visit in Australia for a quirky trip

Australia has many popular tourist attractions. Travelers relax at Bondi Beach, swim over the Great Barrier Reef, or explore Kangaroo Island. However, you’ve only just scraped the surface. Like any country, Australia has many gems that might not be the go-to places for visitors. However, knowing about these options is splendid for anyone wishing to see something outside the traditional tourist route.

We have rounded up some unique activities that make sure your trip down under doesn't end up being one of those run-of-the-mill vacations. Read on as we share some quirky activities scenic Australia offers for an unforgettably novel escapade. In addition to that, we share some security tips and other tricks for a pleasant (and cheaper) trip.

Be a hit on Instagram with snaps from Tasmania’s Lavender Farm

Located on Tasmania’s northern edge, the Bridestowe Lavender Estate is one of Australia's most beautiful places to visit. A perfumer established it from London in 1921. The Bridestowe Lavender Estate offers truly stunning vistas with rolling purple hills and manicured gardens.

It is the place to be in if you are keen to rock Instagram with breathtaking snaps. The onsite shop here sells all kinds of fragrant gifts, including soaps, candles, and adorable cuddly toys. Adding to the charm of the place is the café serving lavender-infused ice creams, scones, and lattes.

Go pub crawling in Brisbane on a helicopter

Australia is a favorite among beverage lovers not just for the quantity but also for the quality of what it has on offer. Adding spice to your holiday experience is the rather intriguing way Australians have for pub crawling. The tours offered by Pterodactyl Helicopters take you on a quirky pub-crawling journey along the scenic Brisbane countryside.

The tour offers breathtaking views of the Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, and Ipswich. You round off your trip with a drink at four traditional establishments and a delicious lunch. What if brews aren't your thing? Don't worry; the company has also lined up days out at some of the most impressive wineries you are sure to enjoy.

Go climbing on an iconic Sydney Landmark

Sydney offers its share of quirky experiences with the Bridge Climb. It sure is thrilling as you scale one of the most iconic structures in the world. This activity has you climbing the Harbor Bridge, a world landmark.

The bird’s eye view of Sydney from the top leaves you speechless. No wonder this activity has been voted as one of the best experiences in Australia. If it’s quirky things you seek to do down under, you must include the Bridge Climb in your bucket list. The panoramic views from the top cover all of CBD, mesmerizing views of the Opera House and the Sydney Tower’s tip.

Take a snap at the Pink Lake in Central Melbourne

Melbourne doesn’t disappoint you either when you’re looking for unusual experiences. Take a short ride in a car across the CBD to Westgate Park on the Yarra River’s banks. These restored wetlands are a truly eye-catching natural feature. This nook of tranquility is a special place to be all year round.

That said, it’s in the warmer months that the water in the lake takes on a pink hue creating a truly breathtaking sight. It's one of the most unusual phenomena to see in Australia. An increase in salt levels causes the water to turn beetroot pink, and this strange occurrence lasts from early summer till the months of autumn.

Visit a Silver Screen Star in the Outback

If you’re a movie buff, you’ll just adore this place. The Silverton Hotel and the town surrounding it have featured in many movie classics like Mission Impossible II and the blockbuster Mad Max 2. There's also a whole museum dedicated to the movie, a stone's throw away. Try the range of strong Australian beers here and the classic grub. As a lover of the silver screen, you are sure to love snaps from the movies that made the Silverton Hotel a landmark.

Australia opens borders

In 2022, tourists can finally visit Australia, with the opening of its border after some time. Fully vaccinated tourists can enjoy everything this mesmerizing country has to offer!

So, if you are thinking about planning a trip, do not forget the gems mentioned in this article. Also, you can always enable a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to find the best-priced offers. That includes tours or airplane tickets. Once you get a VPN, you get to mask your IP address by connecting to available servers. It evades price discrimination on many sites.

IP address masking also works as an unblocking mechanism, letting you access otherwise unavailable services. For instance, some network managers could decide to block Instagram, preventing you from adding pictures and stories from the beautiful spots in Australia. A VPN helps unblock Instagram and many other social media platforms to let you share your mesmerizing trip with the world, friends, or followers.

Overall, Australia offers a lot that makes a vacation to this exotic destination memorable. Our round-up of some quirky places to visit makes your trip unforgettable.

Tips for safe travel

Like any adventure, it begins on a high note. Everyone is excited and ready to discover as much as possible. However, it is easy to get caught up in situations that will surely put a damper on your trip. For instance, losing essential documents like passports or ID cards can quickly turn things around. However, in this new world regiment we live in, tourists need to pay special attention to guidelines in the countries they plan to visit. There might be a need to follow state or territory travel guidelines in some cases.

For instance, it is expected that vaccinated travelers won't need to self-quarantine when they have a negative post-travel test result. However, the requirements are different. For instance, New South Wales and Victoria require visitors to head straight to hotels or other accommodations after arriving.

Tourists need to take a rapid antigen test or a PCR test within the first 24 hours. It is also necessary to perform the same test six days later. Unvaccinated travelers need to complete a 7-day hotel quarantine. It also appears that proof of recent recovery for the COVID-19 is also not a substitution for evading vaccine requirements.

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