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What to Consider When Designing a Custom Caravan Shed

Build a Caravan Shed

Caravans are your house on wheels whenever you are on the road. If you have one, you can travel in comfort without having to pay for boarding and lodging. However, when you are not traveling, your caravan needs a covered area that protects it from the elements and ensures it’s always ready to go when you are. Caravan sheds are great shelters that can be customized to your needs in terms of design, size, color, and other features.

While caravan shed suppliers provide standard caravan sheds, others provide customization services for just a little more. Standard stock kits force you to compromise on factors like size, walkaround space, storage, and design. Customization provides the flexibility to add features that will not only protect your caravan, but also provide more storage space, blend well with the total look of your home, and give it a personal touch that reflects your identity. Here are important things to consider when customizing your caravan shed.


Your caravan shed should have enough walkaround space on each side, along with adequate roof space. If you plan to install a carrier rack, air conditioning or a TV aerial on top of your caravan, add enough roof space for this.

It is also wise to make the roof space taller in case you eventually upgrade to a taller caravan. Adding six to 12 inches of height will usually only increase the total cost by the value of additional materials.

Custom caravan shed suppliers offer flexible bay sizes from single up to quadruple your storage requirements. This means that you have the option of getting a size that accommodates your caravan and leaves you enough space to store other items like you would in a garage.


When determining the features of your caravan shed, there are several considerations you need to think of.


Most sheds have roller doors that open and close manually, or are chain-operated or motorized using a remote. There is also the option of using sliding doors, which some users claim are easier to repair than roller doors and provide more access for higher vehicles. Larger caravan sheds can even have a personal access door that you can open with a key, allowing you to enter the shed without opening up the sliding or roller doors completely.

When ordering roller doors, there is one important tip to remember. The height given by the manufacturer may not necessarily be the actual drive-through height. A 10 foot door, for example, may roll up to only nine feet 10 inches or shorter. Always have the manufacturer give you the actual drive-through height.


You also have the option to include a window or two for extra light and ventilation.

Roof Pitches

The pitch of your caravan shed’s roof depends on several factors: the purpose of the shed, the local climate, and your personal aesthetic style. Several manufacturers offer different roof pitches and can help you decide.

Other design features

Air vents, insulation, skylights, and color of your choice are some of the other add-ons that can not only enhance the comfort inside your shed, but also customize it and make it a true expression of yourself.


Since there are so many options when customizing your caravan shed, the final price of a caravan shed will really depend on how you customize it. Sit down with your canvas shed company and they will gladly draw up a quote for you.

There is no one way to design a caravan shed. With all the options manufacturers and designers offer these days, you can truly personalize your own shed to reflect your style while also protecting your purchase.

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