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Why Become an Australian Citizen: 5 Benefits

Many people who migrate from different countries desire to become Australian citizens. If you have been living in Australia for more than four years, you can conveniently apply for permanent residence. You just have to complete and submit the Australian citizenship application. There are benefits to attain citizenship. Let’s have a look at a few gains:

Australia Flag

#1: Easy Traveling & Re-Entry

First and foremost, you get to enjoy hassle-free traveling and re-entering in Australia. As long as you are the permanent residence of Australia, you can stay in the country for an indefinite time. No one can kick you out of the country unless there is an extreme circumstance. With Australian citizenship, it is easy for you to travel overseas and re-enter the country whenever you want. This means it is feasible for you to stay in different countries as per your discretion. Plus, while returning to Australia, you would not have to stand in long queues for an immigration check. You can become an eligible traveler.

#2: Strongest Passport in the World

It is said that an Australian passport is one of the world’s most powerful passports. It can offer you visa-free travel to 160+ countries. This means, if you become an Australian citizen, you get to enjoy the freedom of travel. As of February 2016, Australian passport holders are allowed to visit 169 countries without any prior visa conditions, which means you can obtain a visa on arrival.

#3: Excellent Consular Assistance

When you become an Australian citizen, get ready to avail benefits like counselor support of DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade). It is quite advantageous when you happen to face any accident, mishap, or severe danger while traveling abroad. You wouldn’t have to worry much because you can receive counselor help from the people of the Australian diplomatic mission. DFAT Emergency Centre works 24/7 to assist Australian citizens in foreign countries. If you are going through crises, you are in hospital, you are in an accident, or you need financial assistance, there are no clear limits on DFAT consular assistance.

#4: Financial Support for Education

If you and your family are not financially stable to bear your education expenses, then don’t you worry! When you become an Australian citizen, you are in a position to request for student loans. Many students attempt to gain the HECS-HELP loan scheme. It allows them to pay for their tuition fees. However, HECS-HELP loans cannot be used to cover additional expenses like textbooks, accommodation, commute, etc.

#5: Jobs in Federal Government Sectors

Your chances to get hired at federal government sectors become high when you become an Australian citizen. You can grab multiple opportunities after you are done with your studies. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can be employed for several sectors like federal police, defense jobs, border force, DFAT, etc. Australian citizenship opens doors for you in the Australian Government. You probably are surprised to hear that you can even run for the prime minister seat. You get the right to be a part of democracy and politics. You also get the right to vote in council and federal elections.

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