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Why These Types of Games Attract Aussie Players

Australians have always had a passion for gambling. They especially love casino games, including pokies, which have attracted a large number of followers due to so many great no deposit, free spins deals online (more on these later).

It's not only promotions that attract online gamblers, however, but also the huge library of online pokies available at the best casinos. If you’re wondering what pokies are, they’re just what natives call slot machines. More specifically, they’re another way of saying poker machines. It wasn't entirely unexpected, considering Aussies love to add shortening of words to their slang vocabulary.

While poker machines aren’t exactly the same as slots, the term is associated with slot machines based on how they were introduced to Australia. Slots machines and video poker machines were often available in the same room of pubs and casinos, so they were seen as being in the same category, which became known as pokies. The term appears to have stuck around.

The Love Affair Between Australia and Pokies

The popularity of gambling and pokies started in the black market. It’s believed that one of the very first slot machines - the Liberty Bell - was introduced to Australia in the early 20th century and enjoyed instant success.

The relationship really began, however, when pokies were legalised in New South Wales in 1956, with other states later following suit. The period that saw the first video versions of pokies is when the popularity soared.

As the Internet and technology developed into how we know them today, players were able to enjoy their favourite games anywhere and at any time they wanted, either on a computer or mobile device. They also had far more choice when it came to themes and graphics, both of which have also constantly evolved. While Australia ultimately legalised gambling and saw an increase in racing and sports betting, pokies remain the most popular gambling pastime on its shores.

Bonuses and Promotions

With so many online casinos, consumers can always be tempted to go and play at another provider. For those who remain with one casinos, however, they’re often rewarded with free spins and other promotions. So there's certainly an incentive to stay.

Many players look for an online casino that provide numerous types of games and a wide variety of themes so they don’t need to visit multiple platforms. This allows them not only to play at the casino they’re familiar with, but also to earn those loyalty points, along with any associated prizes.

Australians aren’t limited to pokies in their own country, either, as there are plenty of other options online, such as in the UK. So they really do have a lot of choice when it comes to which bonuses they accept or which style of pokies they prefer to play. When you see just how many promotions there are available, it’s of no surprise that there are even more pokie players out there playing the slot machines.

Wrap Up

Whether you call it pokies, slots, or fruit machines (like they do in the UK), it remains popular around the world. The Brits love pokies too. And while pokie rules might be similar between the two countries, both can enjoy playing them whenever they like – even at online casinos in each other's countries - and take advantage of the free spins and other promotions in the process.

When it comes to Australians, however, they may have no shortage of options when it comes to fun and adventure, but show them where to play the pokies, and they'll make their loyalty clear every time.

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