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Why do casinos offer welcome bonuses?

Welcome Bonuses

Do you want to know why most wagering sites offer the welcome bonus among other exciting offers? Well, if you are an experienced gambler, you probably know the answer. But for those who do not know, we have an insight that reveals all the reasons behind this interesting fact.

Bonuses, to start with, are promotional offers that most casinos give to rookies and loyal punters. Most of these bonuses are significant if the punter wants a chance to make lucrative winnings. In this case, a welcome bonus is one good example of a promotional offer you will find on many wagering sites.

Moreover, Welcome bonuses are among the most popular and favorite types of bonuses that many players think through before registering accounts on a particular gambling platform.

There are several reasons why particular casinos offer a welcome bonus. But note that most of these welcome bonuses come in free credits, free spins, or even cash back guarantee.

Here, you will find out the three main reasons behind the welcome bonus.

1. Marketing strategy
2. Familiarize new players with the casino
3. Competition

i. Marketing Strategy

The online gaming and gambling industry is competitive. Today, new and progressive online casinos come up each day. So, for a casino to stay afloat in the industry, there is a dire need for a marketing strategy. Focusing on the welcome bonus among other attractive and élite offers.

The welcome bonus is a strategic move of enticing more interested punters to a particular gambling site/casino.

Nowadays, wagering sites continue to embrace the welcome bonus strategy to capitalize on the number of registered players.

ii. Familiarize Rookie Players with the Casino

A welcome bonus is vital to familiarize new players with the online gambling site. In most cases, gamblers want an online casino that has minimum risk. For instance, players require a casino that does not require real money first deposit to start wagering.

So, before you register an account and start wagering with real money, never forget to check whether there is a welcome bonus.

iii. Competition

A wagering site should acknowledge competition to be successful in the gambling industry.

Online casinos compete with each other by offering welcome bonuses, among other rewarding offers. This competition not only grows their market value but increases the number of registered players.

Furthermore, in competition, the welcome bonus will significantly differ from one platform to the other.

Here is an example to further explain this theory.


- The welcome bonus in Casino 1, for instance, is $10 (upon first registration) + 25 free slot spins.
- The welcome bonus in Casino 2 is 100% money-back guarantee + 10 free spins + 0.5% roll bonus.
- The Welcome bonus in Casino 3 is a 75% money-back guarantee + 5 free spins + 0.6% roll bonus.


New players will automatically prefer a casino that offers the most lucrative welcome bonus. So, in the above example, you will observe that Casino 2 has an attractive offer than Casino 1 and Casino 3.

Assumption: Casino 2 has more registered players than Casino 1 and Casino 3.

Why the Welcome Bonus Works well for most Online Wagering Sites

Welcome Bonuses Chips

Again, most gamblers want an online wagering platform that has a welcome bonus. This bonus, however, is characterized by the four advantages it offers the casino.

Here are four advantages of the welcome bonus that wagering sites benefit from.

1. Increased player registration on the platform: With lucrative bonuses, the platform should receive increased player registration.

2. Players will first need to meet all the specific requirements to unlock the welcome bonus: A player will need to make an initial deposit (with real money) or send referral links to other members to be eligible for the welcome offer.

3. Usually, you cannot withdraw the welcome bonus immediately until you deposit real money into the registered casino account.

4. Welcome bonus has a limited time frame before expiring: If you do not use the welcome bonus, it will become obsolete. Most casinos offer a maximum of 14 days before the offer becomes obsolete.

Final Thoughts

Most online gambling platforms offer bonuses to catch the attention of potential players and register an account with them. The availability of a welcome bonus is one significant factor to consider before choosing the best wagering platform to register.

Though be keen to compare the welcome bonus available on all these wagering sites.

Also, the welcome bonus is attractive to the players as much as to the casino.

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