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Why is Australia a top touristic destination?

No matter where you live, you have undoubtedly heard that Australia is the preferred destination for many tourists around the globe. This island continent, with almost 40 million inhabitants, has many attractions and, thanks to it, receives 8.5M tourists every year.

But, besides the traditional wildlife experience, take pictures with quokkas and kangaroos and visit the reefs, Australia has much more to offer and in this article, we'll try to highlight those hidden gems to make the most of your vacations.

Play Pokies

You have probably never heard the word "pokie" before. Or maybe if you are a gambling fan, you may know the best online pokies in Australia. However, Aussies have a deep connection to slot and poker machines and use pokies as the slang term to refer to these.

There are almost 200,000 poker machines in Australia, giving the country the record for most games per person and you can only get the real experience playing on a pokie in Australia.

Visit the Pink Lake

Port Gregory, a fisherman town located in the north of the country, is surrounded by Hutt Lagoon, a spectacular pink lake where the water is this color (if you collect a water sample, it will remain pink).

The lake has become popular in recent years, and many Instagrammers visit it to take astounding pictures, and today, you can even take an aero tour or walk through its endless and lovely spots.

Cockatoo Island

Visiting a UNESCO World Heritage Site is always a great thing to do. Cockatoo Island is located in Sidney Harbor and is a place rich in history. The site was used as a penal facility and also had one of the largest shipyards in Australia.

Nowadays, the cultural schedule has been enriched, and in addition to visiting historical locations or enjoying the view, tourists can enjoy many music festivals and art installations.

Laneway Bars

Laneway Bars are a tradition in Melbourne. Those are underground sites that offer the best experience for people who want to drink, dance, or have a good time away from crowded areas.

Such bars are located practically everywhere, and if you want to experience the real deal, you must be open-minded when visiting an old factory or parking lots, but we can guarantee you won't regret taking a tour of Laneway bars.

Bronte Baths

The Bronte Baths are located in Sidney, right in the middle of the Bronte Beach. Admission is free, and this public ocean pool with a fantastic view is the perfect location to capture photos that you'll want to share with others, feel immersed in nature, and fall in love with the sunsets.

Of course, the best time to visit Bronte Baths is summer.

Many tourists are now looking for the best place to visit and have the most enjoyable experience, which is undoubtedly related to less crowded areas and Instagram-worthy spots.

Many hidden places in Australia meet these requirements, and you just need to dig deep under to have a great Aussie experience.

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