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Why the Greeks love Australia

Greek Boat

On the whole, Greeks have an affinity with Australia, from the experience on offer at Kangaroo Island to the European feel of Melbourne. After all, following World War II and with the active encouragement from a Greek Government struggling with post-war reconstruction, large numbers of Greeks migrated to Australia. As such, Greeks have been to enough Australia Day barbecues to know that true Aussie culture is just about as good as it gets.

Greek and Australian culture is fairly similar on the whole also, largely focussing on fresh cuisine and beach life. While modern-day games like the Amazing Link Zeus and classic movies like Troy tend to paint Greece in a different light, especially given the history around Greek gods and mythology on the whole, Greeks generally adore everything modern-day Australia has to offer. For people from Greece, Australia is a go-to holiday destination, while the country has a large population of native Greeks that safely call the land down under their home. But why? What is it about Australia that makes Greeks love it so much? Let’s take a look at why below.

Australian beaches are like those back home

For many Greeks, the beaches on offer in Australia provide a taste of home life. Despite the Pacific Ocean being a lot tougher than the calm Mediterranean Sea, Australia’s beaches are gorgeous. In fact, while this particular article focuses on Greece’s affinity with the nation, people from all over the world flock to Australia to sample its golden sands and glorious crystal clear waters. Put simply, Australian beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. For Greeks aiming to come together with family and friends, they’re the perfect location to meet up and socialise - something Greeks do back home, too.

Greek restaurants are everywhere

Alongside the pristine beaches is a wide selection of Greek restaurants dotted all over the country. Chances are, when you arrive in an Australian destination, there will be a Greek restaurant nearby. As such, Greek food is easily accessible anywhere in Australia, which, in turn, enables Greek people to feel at home despite being thousands of miles away from their homeland. For example, popular spots include Lonsdale Street in Melbourne, with people able to savour the aroma of baklava and galaktoboureko in particular.

The Australian value of ‘mateship’

Australia’s dedication to the value of ‘mateship’ makes it an integral part of their culture. When Greeks first arrived in the country after World War II, this message resonated with the community. For Greeks, family is more important than anything. As such, when Australians form tight bonds with each other and treat friends like family members, Greeks can fully identify with such loyalty and love. Australia is an incredibly hospitable country, with Greeks able to assimilate with ease.

Sydney Harbor

An all-round multicultural society

Another appealing aspect of Australian culture is the multicultural communities that help make the nation what it is today. From Vietnamese and Italians to Brits and Greeks, there are an array of different nationalities thriving in Australia and contributing a great deal to society down under. Additionally, in the same way Australians learned to accept Greeks in their community, Greeks pass this tradition on to other new communities. Overall, for Greeks, Australia is a country that makes them feel incredibly welcome.

Job prospects

One of the most appealing aspects of Australian society for many Greeks is the sheer amount of jobs that are available in the country. From the past to the modern world, Greeks landing in Australia are always able to find employment and make a life for themselves there. Wealth, happiness and prosperity is certainly achievable.

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