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Don’t Want to Get Fined for Wearing a Swimsuit? Learn These 8 Travel Rules

Some laws are meant to be broken. For example, there’s a law that states it’s illegal to fart in public places in Florida after 6 PM on Thursdays. Should you turn yourself in if you do?

There’s an abundance of similar laws around the world that make zero sense. Unlike the Florida one (for which no one has ever been fined), some laws are strictly enforced, even though they are unusual. Learn these eight travel rules to make sure you don’t get fined for a ridiculous reason.

No swimsuits!

Italy is at the forefront of countries that have draconian measures for tourists. In Sorrento, you can’t wear what you want. Women can’t wear only swimsuits, and men can’t walk around without a shirt on.

No parties, no ball games, and no instruments!

Lake Garda is the biggest lake in Italy. It’s also infamous for some weird laws. No parties are allowed on the shores of Lake Garda. If the authorities see you celebrate a graduation or a bachelorette party, they’ll fine you up to $550 and take away all the party objects.

Oh, and don’t even think about skinny dipping in the lake. The fines climb up to thousands of dollars. What’s even weirder is that you can’t play musical instruments or ball games in a way that disturbs bathers or other people.

No vaping!

If you decide to switch smoking to vaping, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise in Thailand and Singapore. Vapes are forbidden in Singapore because they’re imitation tobacco products. The fines are usually $2000 for it. If you think that’s bad, try vaping in Thailand. You’ll either cough up close to $1000 or go to prison for ten years. It might be better to leave the vape at home.

No chewing gum!

Singapore strikes again with this one! Unless you can prove it’s for medical reasons, chewing gum is forbidden and will set you back $1000. If you do it again, the fine doubles, and they add community service to it. Expect similar treatment if you spit or litter.

No high heels!

If you want to visit historical sites like the Acropolis in Greece, you can’t wear high heels. The reasoning behind this one makes sense since the footwear can cause damage to the old buildings.

No swearing!

This law might raise some eyebrows. In the United Arab Emirates, swearing or making rude gestures are forbidden. The law extends to the online world, too. The punishment is deportation or jail time.

No flushing the toilet after 10 PM!

Okay, this one isn’t a law, but it’s close to it. In Switzerland, it’s considered disrespectful and rude to flush your toilet after 10 PM. Why? Because it’s noise pollution. Many apartment blocks have this policy, and your neighbours might get mad at you if you disregard this custom.

General safety tips for travellers

Weird travel rules aren’t the only things you should be wary of. Scammers often target tourists. From pickpockets to hackers, here are some tips to make sure you’re always safe:

Copy important documents

You should always have digital copies of your important documents. When travelling, bring your passport, driver’s licence, and credit card. Make sure you always know where they are, and leave the non-essential documents at home (like your social security card).

Avoid using public Wi-Fi

Most of the crime that tourists encounter nowadays is digital. You connect to a public Wi-Fi, and the next thing you know, you’re locked out of your social media accounts, and your credit card has been drained. Hackers abuse free Wi-Fi spots and attack unsuspecting tourists. To avoid that from happening, either don’t connect to public networks or use a VPN.

But what does a VPN do to make you safe? Virtual private networks mask the IP address of your device and make it seem like you’re connecting from a different place. On top of that, they encrypt your data, making it close to impossible for hackers to do anything with it.

Bring only what you need

Don’t wear flashy jewellery or your newest designer clothes. Travel should suffice with the bare minimum. If possible, leave your newest iPhone at home and take an older version. Thieves often look for tourists who have expensive phones. An older version means you won’t be a target in their eyes.

Be aware of your surroundings

The biggest advantage of your physical security is being aware of your surroundings. Don’t take shortcuts, especially if a stranger offers to show you the way). If you’re walking through an uncrowded area, make sure no one is following you. And don’t walk with Google Maps in front of your face!

A Few Final Words

There are many unusual rules and laws in the world. So, being prepared will only do you good. Remember these tips and warnings when travelling abroad and safely enjoy your trip.

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