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How to organize a corporate event in Italy

When it comes to organizing an event for their employees, many bosses want to create the best conditions for relaxation. Recently it has become popular to organize corporate parties abroad and Italy is one of the best choices. How to organize a holiday that everyone will like? Today in our article we will try to answer the question that worries many managers.

Corporate Travel

Rent a bus in Milan

You might think that employees can get to the venue on their own. But in fact, it is better to order bus rental milan and make sure that professionals will transport all the people at the same time. Firstly, you will not have questions about when to start the event, because everyone will arrive at the same time. Secondly, no one will get lost in the new city. You can book a bus charter milano so that employees get to the airport on time and do not miss their flight. After the plane, people are quite tired, so it will be a good idea to take care of transporting people to hotels or directly to the venue of the event with the help of a bus charter with driver in Milan.

Find out what employees like

An ideal corporate event evokes a sense of unity around common values. It is not so difficult to figure out what unites colleagues and gives them positive emotions. If the company has a warm, family spirit that you cherish, then an official buffet with a dress code in the banquet hall can upset employees: there is nowhere to release energy. There is an easy way to check how interesting the holiday theme you want to choose is: conduct a survey using messengers or the company's website.

Look for goals

Event for employees is a non-material motivation for employees. No, they won't start making twice as much profit after a costly New Year's Eve party. However, a good event can make friends with company representatives from different parts of the country, or at least establish contact between them. With a specific list of problems and features of the company, it will be easier to plan a memorable corporate event. You can reward the representatives of the departments for specific achievements. Turn a corporate event into an entertaining Olympiad and let the leaders open up in a non-working atmosphere.

Consider the original format

An evening at the club with a cover band can be boring. Today, corporate parties are held for team building and playing games. It is not necessary to radically change the format. Therefore, companies often create separate "stations" at the event, which will attract those who got bored during a long speech of the director or tired of wandering with glass and canapes among colleagues. Each station can be a game and give much more emotion than the action on stage. Also, keep in mind that employees with children or employees who don't like to stay late at events may want to go home before the party is over. Therefore, you need to make sure that there is a transport that can take everyone home - order a coach hire in milan.

Be prepared for emergencies

The electricity went out — and everyone is busy looking for organizers. The key speaker is 40 minutes late — and they don't start without him. The place of the event turned out to be far away and the road to get there was very difficult — and only the CEO drove to the recreation center in a jeep. In such situations, a lot depends on the experience of the organizers and the host. The less experience, the more problems there will be at the event. To be prepared for emergencies means to be flexible: replay the scenario, arrange a competition in the dark, and use only trusted transportation services like BCS Travel. You can also find organizers of the events and they will be able to realize your wishes as accurately as possible. And the emotions of employees will be the most important task for them!

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