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How to Play Bingo Online for Money

Play Bingo Online

Bingo is a game where the host or his virtual counterpart randomly selects numbers in a given range, and the players fill in the corresponding numbers on their cards. In the actual game version, the first player to fill in one or more lines on the card must indicate their winnings by saying "Bingo." Virtual versions of bingo automatically award the winnings.

To play bingo online at the YOJU Casino, just run one of the thousands of machines in the casino, make a bet, select the desired number of cards and start the game.

Varieties of the game

Just like any game, there are several variations of bingo that can be broadly defined into two categories - British and American bingo. What they have in common are the number of balls, the cards, and the aim of the game. However, they differ in some rules regarding how the cards are filled out and how the winnings are determined.

British Bingo

The second name for British Bingo is 90 Ball game. In addition to the 90-ball, they use cards with three rows and nine cells. A distinctive feature is that there are only five numbers in each row, for a total of 15 random from 1 to 90 on the card.

  • first column - numbers 1-10;
  • second column - numbers 11-20;
  • third column - numbers 21-30;
  • fourth column - numbers 31-40;
  • fifth column - numbers 41-50;
  • sixth column - numbers 51-60;
  • Seventh column - numbers 61-70;
  • Eighth column - numbers 71-80;
  • ninth column - numbers 81-90.

As a rule, one game session is divided into three stages, gradually determining the winners. The division is based on the lines filled in - the first stage is won by the one who filled in one line, then the one who filled in two lines, and finally, the one who closed the whole card. The first player wins 15% of the pot, the second 30%, and 55% for the whole card.

American Bingo

The second name for American bingo is 75-ball game. It differs from British Bingo not only in the smaller number of balls but also in the format of the cards. The American version contains five rows of five cards each. The third cell on the third row is empty; according to the rules, it counts as filled. Also above each column are the letters: B, I, N, G, and O.

There are several American Bingo balls containing a number or a letter. Correspondence of numbers and letters:

  • B - numbers 1-15;
  • I - numbers 16-30;
  • N - numbers 31-45;
  • G - numbers 46-60;
  • O - numbers 61-75.

The method of filling in and rewards differs from the British variety. A form on a card must be filled in. For example, the four corners and the center, or the shape of a hat. Often these shapes are shaped by turning 90, 180, or 270 degrees; or symmetrically.

The basic rules of the game

Before you start a playing session, you need to decide how much to bet and how many cards to play. In online bingo, you don't have to keep track of the numbers; they are automatically marked on the cards. There are two types of cards - reusable, in which case a new card will be used in a new round, and reusable, in which one card can be used several rounds in a row.

Once the numbers start falling out, the player's main task is to keep an eye on filling up the lines or pieces. Some machines stop the game when the first line is filled, while most allow you to play the round until all the numbers come out. In addition, most slots allow you to re-draw a few numbers to form a winning combination for an additional fee.

The player often plays against the computer (casino) in slots. That is one-on-one rather than against multiple players. This allows you to avoid splitting your winnings with someone else, but in such cases, a certain amount is deducted from the total pot (depending on the level of the bet on the card) for the level of the winning combination.

To play online bingo for money, you must register on the casino website and confirm your account. After that - open a deposit to start the game. Before choosing a slot, playing a few games in the demo version is advisable to familiarize yourself with the rules and control panel.

The most popular online bingo versions

Bingo slots are a common feature of significant casino manufacturers and operators. A separate section is created in most cases under bingo, where all licensed slots are located. In addition, there sorting by jackpot, manufacturer, or bingo type.

Three of the most popular bingo sites:

  • 888Ladies;
  • Wink Bingo;
  • TitanBet Bingo.

These sites offer the best security and security of the user's private information and excellent welcome bonuses. In addition, attention can be paid to Betsson, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Bet365, Caesars, and Betfred.


Playing bingo for real money is pretty straightforward. Many online casinos provide access to bingo rooms with bonuses, loyalty privileges, and game variations. When choosing a site to play, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the deposit opening rules, accompanying bonuses, and promotions. This way, the game will not only bring fun but possibly additional payouts as well. For example, Betsson Bingo offers a 100% deposit bonus of £30 or more.

Similar is the case with online bingo varieties. Before you play for real money, you can try out a few variants in demo mode to decide which one suits your general requirements better.

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