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The Best Places To Go Backpacking In Australia

Backpackers looking for their next adventure should seriously consider Australia as their next destination. A more diverse country with a rich history and breathtaking scenery is difficult to find. There are dense, green rainforests, bright terracotta-coloured deserts, and a stunning assortment of wildlife. It’s a perfect backdrop for making memories.

Backpacking in Australia

Australia has a land surface of around 7.7 million square kilometres, making it the sixth-largest country in the world. With so much land to explore, it gives backpackers the ideal getaway. Putting together the perfect backpackers' route will be easy, except when deciding which part of the country to tackle first. There are so many incredible places from which to choose.

Before deciding what sights to include, read more for suggestions from other backpackers:

1. Tropical Cairns in Queensland

The tropical monsoon climate of this city means you can go backpacking any time of the year. Apart from the sprawling beaches, abundant fruit trees, and suburban culture, there are many other places to explore. As a popular destination for travellers, organizations like Backpacker Tours have ready-made itineraries and suggestions for routes in this area.

With plenty of national heritage sites available within a short distance from each other, backpackers can treat themselves to a visit to some of the most famous historical sites. For example, Cairns War Museum, Cairns-to-Kuranda railway experience, or check-in at the Great Barrier Hotel that looks like a building straight from a western movie.

2. Melbourne, Victoria’s capital

For those who prefer to stay within reach of urban amenities, Melbourne is ideal for you. Moreover, the city’s surroundings are unique because it sits on top of ancient lava flows. As a result, the area around the city is fertile. It’s surrounded by lush greenery and fertile soil, especially along the Yarra River and its valley.

Backpacking around this area could be one of the initial stops for first-time travellers. They can avail of welcome tours for backpackers before moving on to other sites. Furthermore, the 'Garden City' offers many parks to laze around or take a short walk, where an urban explorer can escape the busy streets for a while.

3. Uluru/Ayers Rock

Taking in the immensity of Uluru/Ayers Rock from a distance is one of those experiences that stick with you. However, getting up close to the reddish sandstone formation is on a whole different level. It’s a truly humbling experience. Uluru’s peak rises to 863 meters above sea level and has a prominence of 348 meters. Remarkably, the bulk of this sandstone monolith is buried beneath the surface.

Backpackers from other parts of the globe flock to Uluru to enjoy the almost 10-kilometre trek around this spectacular natural phenomenon. Getting a glimpse of the rock seemingly changing colours at certain times of the day is definitely worth the journey. Burning bright red during sunrise and sunset, Uluru is one of the most impressive sites on Earth. It’s one of the top-rated hikes in Australia, according to Planet Ware.


4. Adelaide, The City of Churches

Bordering Australia's Iron-grass Natural Temperate Grassland, this city has many exciting areas for backpackers. Some are even included in the country’s list of National Heritage Places. Much of the region was grassland until humans started settling there. But even so, the government has made efforts to conserve the landscape.

There are swamps, sandhills, and marshes to explore, along with the kangaroo and other wildlife to view. Longer trips of two to three days or shorter day trips are conventional among backpackers visiting this city. The city was founded on the principle of religious freedom for all, resulting in various groups thriving. The presence of diverse religious groups gave rise to the city’s nickname.

5. 'Little New Zealand' or Tasmania

Due to the landscape resembling that of New Zealand, the largest island of Australia got its nickname from travellers who noticed the similarities. Around 50.3% of the land area consists of reservations, including national forests, highlands, rivers, and parks.

Some of the most popular choices among backpackers include:

  • Walls of Jerusalem Circuit: The entire circuit to the peak of Mount Jerusalem takes around three to four days to complete. Backpackers can enjoy day trips from the campgrounds as well.
  • Wineglass Bay: This 11.6-kilometre round-trip ensures awe-inspiring views of the wineglass-shaped bay area. Backpackers can expect plenty of birdwatching opportunities along the way.
  • Three Scapes Track: Backpackers looking for a challenge could head out to complete this track. Only accessible by boat, the route could take up to twenty hours to complete.

There is plenty more to discover in Tasmania. Booking a few days out to this island would be well worth it.

6. Kingscote on Kangaroo Island

The third largest of the Australian islands, Kangaroo Island, is a wonderland of agriculture and nature reserves. Kingscote's largest settlement has the best backpacker accommodation around. Known locally as the 'Island of the Dead,' this area is believed to have become desolate after rising sea levels cut it off from the mainland.

After sealers and whalers started inhabiting the island again, its rich wilderness and wildlife have continued to draw in more tourists. Moreover, shipwrecks and lighthouses riddle the coastline alongside whaling stations and small harbours, begging backpackers to uncover their hidden secrets.

Packing it all in

Australia’s vastness offers multiple options for adventurous backpackers, like lush forests, challenging mountain trails, and deserts teeming with wildlife. The country’s cities also have much to offer for tourists and backpackers, such as astounding architecture, incredible history, and national landmarks.

For more information, watch this video on tourism in Australia:

So, choose Australia next time you feel like packing it all in. Let all the attractions satisfy your curiosity for a thrilling backpacking adventure.

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