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Top 5 Australian Universities Welcoming Tourists for Educational Excursions

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The universities in Australia are some of the friendliest for international students and, surprisingly enough, for tourists! If you wish to visit the local research library or talk to the students to make your future academic choice, you can visit the community and talk to students directly. It is a part of the Australian culture to make it accessible and clear. Of course, if you just wish to have fun and go beyond education, there are places like the University of Queensland! Let’s have a look at some academic spots that you should definitely visit once you are in Australia!

Top 5 Australian Universities for Educational Excursions

If you're planning to visit Australia and are interested in the academic side of things, you might be wondering which universities are worth a visit. To make your decision easier, we've compiled a list of the top 5 Australian universities that welcome tourists for educational excursions.

1. RMIT University.

As the university with the largest number of international students in Australia (over 22,150 learners), it’s one of the best places for tourists. You can even find someone who speaks your language and can guide you through. Now, the design of the campus alone is worth a visit! It is also one of the best technology and art design universities. If you wish to get into this university, composing a personal statement with a do my essay message is always possible. Once you take a tour around the RMIT, it will be hard not to try your luck!

2. La Trobe University.

Famous for the highest acceptance rate, this university is ranked high when it comes to student health and mental well-being. The reason for that is adherence to sports and extracurricular activities. The community alone is truly exceptional, which is instantly seen when you visit the guided tours!

3. The University of Divinity.

Most Australians know that it is one of the easiest universities to get into, even if you are an international student. It focuses on Philosophy and divinity studies. Visiting this university is like a time travel with a very special vibe. It’s not surprising that it welcomes tourists and has a lot to say and show.

4. University of Adelaide.

It has a multicultural community and an exceptional campus that you can explore for hours. What makes it different, however, is the presence of research labs that you can visit as a self-guided leader or receive assistance from the local students. As the third oldest university in Australia, the elegant architecture building itself is a cultural heritage that will impress the tourists!

5. James Cook University.

As one of the most prestigious universities in the country, you will be graced by small personal campus tours. If you are a prospective student or a middle school learner, you will find age-appropriate education excursions. Don’t forget to visit the Fisheries Science and Aquaculture department as they have a lot to show! As you walk through the campus, you will see many interesting sights that you won’t see anywhere else.

Where The Happiness Is!

The universities worldwide have the special rank of happiness, which is already a solid reason to pay a visit. Regarding Australia, it is the University of the Sunshine Coast. It is always welcome to the tourists and future students who wish to find a safe and relaxed environment. In addition to the use of modern technology labs and unique facilities, this Queensland university provides you with a friendly community and a great supportive system that can be seen on campus. Once you pay a visit, you will instantly see why the students feel happy and live in a relaxed way without academic pressure and stress. It is the attitude and readiness to help every university student succeed and learn the way they can!

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