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North Western Australia Ivanhoe Resort

The Kimberley Holiday Destinations WA

Broome situated on the coast, at the southern tip in the Kimberley region, 610km from Port Headland and 220km from Derby. Once the pearling capital of the world, today is a major centre for cultured pearl farming.

Located on Roebuck Bay, Broome is bordered by stretches of white sandy beach and magnificent turquoise waters.

Cable Beach
Cable Beach in northwest Western Australia is the perfect example of secluded paradise. Located near the township of Broome in Western Australia. Cable Beach is 22km of perfect white sandy beach, on a turquoise Indian Ocean water.
Cable Beach is another world recognised Australian Beach - visited by personalities, stars and everyday people - who enjoy the remote seclusion and relaxing atmosphere that Cable Beach offers visitors.

Kununurra was created in the early 1960's to service the Ord River Irrigation Area but it has since developed in its own right, replacing Wyndham as the centre for the east Kimberley. The Town is on the main jet route between Darwin and Perth and both Ansett and National Jet Sysems have regular daily services to Darwin and Perth via Broome. Kununurra's central position in Kimberley affairs makes it an ideal base for exploring the Kimberley, and several hotels, motels and caravan parks have arisen to service that need. From here one can take a conventional plane, float plane, or helicopter to fly over the sensational scenery of the Diamond coast, this includes the magnificient King George Falls which is close to the exclusive wilderness retreat at Faraway Bay or 4WD trip down to Bungle Bungle range and visit lake Argyle. Recommended holiday at Ivanhoe Village Caravan Resort & Faraway Bay Resort

One of the original and best known towns of the Kimberley region, Derby is the administrative centre for a hinterland rich in pastoral and mineral wealth,as well as Aboriginal culture.

The revival of Aboriginal heritage is strong in the Derby West -Kimberley Shire. Mowanjum ("settled at last"), on the outskirts of Derby, was one of the first independent communities established in the area.

Derby is an ideal base for excursions and air tours to the variety of attractions including the ranges, plains, scenic coastline and river gorges of the Kimberley. In fact, it is now known as the "Gateway to the gorges".

Fitzroy Crossing
Once a sleepy hamlet on the banks of the Fitzroy River, Fitzroy Crossing was known as a watering hole for travellers either about to brave the crossing of the river, or stranded by floods.

Halls Creek
"Old" Halls Creek was once a thriving gold town and boasts the first gold strike in Western Australia. The strike was reasonably short-lived as others proved more profitable.

Now the new town services pastoralists mineral exploration, Aboriginal communities and is a convenient stop for travellers.

Wyndham is an old town that has been developed into two main areas. The original townsite of Wyndham Port is situated on the Cambridge Gulf while Wyndham East on the Great Northern Highway has developed into the residential and shopping area as the town expanded. The most northerly town and harbour in Western Australia Wyndham is known as the home of the "Big Croc". The entrance to Wyndham features a 18m crocodile sculpture standing 3m high an excellent replica -of the saltwater or estuarine crocodiles which frequent the Cambridge Gulf.

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