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The Pilbara Holidays Destinations Towns WA


Exmouth is an excellent year round fishing village, for keen anglers. It has a terrific beach weather and is a popular destination for tourists. The North West. Cape is the nearest point on the Australian mainland to the Continental Shelf which explains the abundance of fish and other marine life!

Exmouth lies close to the Ningaloo Marine Park, with its coral reef providing a wonderful diving experience. In some areas the reef is only metres from the shoreline. The Gape Range National Park with its rugged scenery and abundant wildlife is also easily accessed from Exmouth.

Coral Bay

The small resort of Coral Bay is just 150km south of Exmouth. This beautiful bay enjoys a temperate climate with an average 28C between April and November.

Beautiful coral formations and tropical fish located within the magnificent Ningaloo Marine Park make it perfect for snorkeling.

If you don't fancy snorkeling but still want to explore the reef a trip on the glass-bottom boat is recommend. Reef fish and snapper may be hand fed from the shore.

As well as underwater activities, boating, windsurfing and beachcombing can all be pursued in Coral Bay.


The original town of Onslow was proclaimed in 1883 and named after the then Chief Justice of Western Australia. It was located near the mouth of the Ashburton River and served as a centre for the pastoral, pearling and mining industries of the Ashburton District. "Old" Onslow was abandoned in 1925, and re-located in its present location on Beadon Bay. It is becoming increasingly popular for holidaymakers wishing to take advantage of its glorious winter climate, beaches, and excellent fishing.


The youngest town in the Shire of Ashburton, founded in 1972. Pannawonica is located due east of Onlsow on the western edge of the Hamersley Ranges. The town is the support base for Robe River Iron Associates, Iron Ore mining operations.

Pannawonica, surrounded by pastoral properties is also the home of the only Rodeo held in the Pilbara Region.

The Robe River Rodeo draws interest and competitors from all over the State. At this years rodeo there were competitors from as far north as Derby in the Kimberley Region and from Perth in the Southern Region, as well as many local competitors and spectators.

The Robe River Rodeo is developing into one of the States richest rodeos and is an event that must not be missed. Book NOW to attend the September 1997 Rodeo.


Located only 24 Kilometres North of the Tropic of Capricorn, Paraburdoo was founded in 1970 as a support town for Hamersley Iron's iron ore mining operations.

The name Paraburdoo is based on the aboriginal word for corellas, Pirupardo, which means "Meat Feathers".

Highest ever recorded temperature is 48.9 Deg Celcius and lowest minimum is 1.5 Deg Celcius.


Karratha is an Aboriginal word meaning "good country".

Karratha was established in the early 1970's and has since thrived. The discovery of large gas reserves and construction of the North West Shelf Gas Project in the 1980s have led to further expansion of the town.

Karratha, with its near perfect winter temperatures and coastal location makes for some spectacular fishing.


Dampier takes its name from the Dampier Archipelago, named after the English buccaneer/explorer William Dampier who first visited the area n 1688.

Located in an attractive setting overlooking Hampton Harbour, it was built in the 1960s by Hamersley Iron and services some of the biggest ships in the world. It is here that iron ore from the mines at Tom Price and Paraburdoo is brought by rail, stockpiled and loaded onto ships for export.

Dampier Salt also use the shipping facilities at Dampier to export salt harvested from nearby pans.


Wickham is the sister town to Pannawonica, and it is here that iron ore mined at Pannawonica is processed and exported to nearby Cape Lambert. The wharf at Cape Lambert is one of the highest and longest open ocean wharves in Australia.

Tom Price

The huge iron ore deposit now known as Mt Tom Price was discovered in 1962, following which Hamersley Iron Pty Ltd was formed. The construction of a mine in two towns (Tom Price and Dampier), a railway between the two and a port at Dampier followed.

The proximity of the town to the spectacular Hamersley Range and an opportunity to view the open cut mining operation make the town a popular stopping point.

Port Hedland

Once an old pearling port, Port Hedland is now one of the largest ports by tonnage in the world.

The town revolves around the mining and shipping of the Pilbara's most valuable commodity, iron ore.

Port Hedland is the international gateway to unique inland attractions. In 1996 Port Hedland will be celebrating its Centenary (1896-1996) with a number of special events.

Marble Bar

Alluvial gold was discovered in the area in 1891 by Francis Jenkins and party, and the town of Marble Bar declared in 1893.

Marble Bar is widely known as the hottest town in Australia due to its consistently high temperatures. It holds a record of 160 consecutive days of century plus heat (Degrees F) set in 1923/24.


The town takes its name from nearby Mt Newman, named in honour of A.W. Newman, an early explorer who died of typhoid just before reaching the area in 1896.

Newman was built by Mt Newman Mining Company, now BHP Iron Ore, to house its employees involved in the mining of iron ore.

BHP Iron Ore sends ore from the mine to its port facilities in Port Hedland via a 426 km railroad.

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