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Geraldton was proclaimed a city during Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's visit in April 1988. Referred to as "Sun City", it is climatically attractive in that it has an average of 8 hours sunlight every day. The Abrolhos islands 60km off the coast has been the cause of many shipwrecks and relics can be found in the Maritime Display Building at the Museum. The area has excellent fishing and is particularly known for its export crayfish.


Only a few years separate the dates of the settlement of the Swan River colony and the area now known as the Shire of Northampton. Deserted mines, a disused railway line and convict ruins stand testament to the hardships and varied fortunes of its pioneering ancestors. The town of Northampton was awarded historical town status by the National Trust of 1993.


This ideally situated town is one of Western Australia's most popular holiday resorts, famous for its fishing as well as its beautiful scenery. Sited where the Murchison River flows into the Indian Ocean, it has the benefits of the calm waters of the estuary for swimming and water skiing. The river mouth is kept open to allow access for fishing and pleasure boats. Anglers can enjoy rod, deep sea and estuary fishing.

Denham-Shark Bay

One of the amazing natural wonders of the world is to be found at Shark Bay World Heritage and Marine Park. The friendly dolphins of Monkey Mia have put Shark Bay on the map as a holiday destination. The Shark Bay World Heritage area is home to one of the World's last surviving great herds of Dugong. They, along with whales, turtles, manta rays and large sharks are regularly sighted when cruising Shark Bay's seagrass banks and sheltered inlets. Shark Bay supports a varied and prolific bird population, from the giant Wedge-Tail Eagle to the Dirk Hartog Island Wren, making the bay a bird watchers dream.

Monkey Mia

Shark Bay's most popular tourist attraction, where the dolphins come into shore. These are not trained animals performing tricks, but wild dolphins who, after years of love and understanding, come to be fed of their own accord.


The town of Carnarvon is situated at the mouth of the Gascoyne River. This coastal town has an important fishing industry which supplies fresh seafood year round. For those who prefer to catch their own, the choice of fish is wide, and crabs are plentiful in the estuaries and tidal flats. Since it is situated just below the Tropic of Capricorn, Carnarvon is sunny all year round. As a result numerous plantations have been established. Many welcome visitors and sell their fruit locally

Green Head & Leeman

The township of Leeman was named by Dutchman Abraham Leeman van Santwits. He was navigator on the ship Waeckende- Boey, which was sent in an attempt to rescue survivors from the Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon) which was wrecked off the Western Australian coast in 1656.

Nearby Green Head was originally a fishing and crayfishing settlement.


Wiluna is an old gold mining town where 'boom and-bust' has been a way of life since the early prospecting days. Remains of the once large mines and fine buildings recall past prosperity. The old Weeloona Hotel (demolished in the mid 1970s) was reputed to have the world's longest bar.

At the peak, of the mining boom, the Wiluna Gold Mine was the largest in the southern hemisphere and the town had four hotels serving a population of 9000. The old hospital has been restored and now serves as the Shire Offices.


Murchison is the only Shire in Australia without a town. The settlement was proclaimed in July 1988 and houses the Shire. Office, Museum and a single business, the Murchisan Roadhouse and Caravan Park.


The name Meekatharra is popularly believed to be an old Aboriginal word meaning place of little water. The Royal Flying Doctor Service and School of the Air Networks cover a wide area and many government departments have their regional bases in Meekatharra.


In 1895 gold was first discovered in the area. By 1907 it boasted four hotels, many cafes, four butchers and several other large stores. Prospectors moved into the areas around Sandstone and many smaller 'gold rush' towns were established.

Today it relies on the pastoral and re-emerging gold mining industries for its existence.

Mount Magnet

Mount Magnet was first discovered by Surveyor Robert Austin in 1854. Austin named Mount Magnet alter a prominent nearby hill which contained magnetic rocks.

Major development did not take place until the 1890s when gold was found in the area. Today, gold is still mined at the famous Hill 50 gold mine. The area is renowned for its spring wildflowers.


The name Mingenew is either derived from "Mininoo" meaning "place of many waters" or "Minyanoo", meaning "place of many ants". The area was first discovered in 1840 when the Gregory brothers arrived. As a result of their glowing report and the presence of freshwater springs, the settlers came.


In 1862 the first settlers, William and Sara Long came into the area. The site of their homestead is just adjacent to the present townsite. The Nidland railway line was completed in 1884 and provided the first employment for residents in town.

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