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The advantages of our service

2 leading travel guides claim to have over 450,000 advertisers?

Is that good for promoting business?

Flat Rate Advertising vs Commission & Booking Fees

That's right, no matter how many sales you receive using our service, the advertising charge is a one time only and a pre -determined affordable fee.

Everyone we recommend and promote to visit your website, negotiate directly with you the operator. We do not take any reservations or monies on your behalf.

There is no booking fees charged to you for each sale you make from our service. Some of the leading travel guides like to charge booking fees on each sale, while others prefer to charge a commission on each sale.

Commission based charges on the other hand perform similar to a profit tax, and may be viewed as an ongoing accruing advertising fee.

Putting this into perspective, if you have 70 sales with a commission based advertiser, how much extra will this cost your business annually? With some commissioned based third party agents your business could be receiving up to 20% less for each sale. Which can actually equate to - every 5 sales you make - you are giving one away for free? Does this represent good value on return?


Commission based advertising is not free, and will always cost you substancially more than Flat Fee advertising, where you keep all the proceeds from all sales, as opposed to commission sales where you keep a percentage of each sale.

It is important to remember, we are not advising you to cease advertising with any other travel guide or service on the internet. In fact we would suggest you spread yourself around to attract the most business you can. If it is working for you - stick with it

Our job is to ensure your advertising with our network is a successful investment for your business and gives you good reasons to also stick with us.

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