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Flinders Ranges - South Australia

Flinders Ranges - South Australia
Covering over 70% of South Australia is the famously beautiful Flinders Ranges. Colourful landscapes, gorges and waterholes to explore. There are many sacred Aboriginal sites with beautiful rock art. This is real Ă–utback Australia" and you will find the underground town of Coober Pedy an interesting outback town, while remote towns like Oodnadatta can prove real oasis in times of need.

The Flinders Ranges abounds with wildlife from wedge-tailed eagles and emus to colourful parrots, and kangaroos ,which are all indigenous to this this area. Containing three national parks the Flinders are arguably one of Australia's most under-rated natural attractions.The Mid North has some of the richest agricultural and pastoral land in the state, with a valuable maritime and mining history , idyllic wine producing district and natural bushland adventures.

Many place and attractions of the Flinders Ranges region are easily accessible by normal car, but there are many remote attractions in the Flinders Ranges that are only accessible by 4 wheel drive.

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