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The Pinnacles - Nambung National Park. Western Australia Map of the Pinnacles
Enlarge Map of Pinnacles

The Pinnacles - Nambung National Park. Western Australia

Nambung National Park
The Pinnacles which are located in this Park, are undoubtedly one of the State's most unique and interesting attractions. Thousands of limestone pillars, up to 4m tall, rise out of a stark landscape of yellow sand. Over 250 000 visitors enjoy the Pinnacles each year and is one of Australia's most popular destinations

The Pinnacles are located approximately 29km south of Cervantes and 2km inland from the beach. Dutch sailors saw these limestone outcrops from the sea and thought they were the remains of an ancient city. Half-day tours from the Shell Service Station and full day tours from Perth are available. If driving, a charge of $5.00 per car or $2.00 per bus passenger is payable to enter the National Park. A one-way loop drive leads through The Pinnacles and is suitable for conventional vehicles, however, trailers and caravans should be left in Cervantes. A 500m loop walk trail starts opposite the carpark.

Fishing is popular at nearby Hangover Bay and Kangaroo Point and both have visitor facilities.

For Activities in Nambung National Park visit The Pinnacles

Photos courtesy - Tourism WA

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