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Getaway to the Blue Mountains in NSW somewhere unique

Blue Mountains Holiday Attractions

Jenolan Caves
Take a break from the world you know, and visit an unexpected haven where the beauty above and below ground will inspire you.

There are nine caves of spectacular beauty available for public viewing. They are set amidst a 2416 hectare reserve that abounds with an incredible variety of unique flora and fauna. Jenolan Caves offers something for everyone.

If it's a gentle introduction to the underground world, you can join any of the nine cave tours. Your guide's enthusiasm for these speleological wonders is infectious as they speak of 'stalagmites', 'stalactites' and 'helictites'.

Imagine the awe and wonder inspired by the first sight of this, the Indian Canopy. The men who found it claimed it was the most beautiful cave they had ever seen, and beyond their power to describe.

The Giant Shawl formed over thousands of years by water slowly flowing over the formation. Each drop of water deposited calcite to create this paper-thin feature. The coloured bands are caused by other minerals present in the water. And then there is the Minaret, a magnificent milk-white stalagmite. Calcite-rich water drips onto the floor of the cave depositing calcite which builds upwards to form the stalagmite. The Minaret has been growing a very long time.

The Pool of Cerberus is five metres deep, and forms part of the Styx River that flows through the lowest level of the southern caves system, and re-appears above ground at the Blue Lake.

The Jenolan Caves and their amazing formations were explored by men slithering up and down muddy slopes and through impossibly small openings with only candlelight to guide them. If you want to experience the mud and tiny tunnels you might enjoy an Adventure Tour. These tours can be specially designed to suit your needs. Be prepared for an exhilarating experience and to get very dirty. Advance booking is essential.

You may prefer bright, open spaces or perhaps above ground activities between cave tours. If so, there is plenty for you to do.

Phone: (063) 59 3311
Fax: (063) 593307

Wentworth Falls
A magificent waterfall that plummets into the valley below
Rock Art Sites
The traditional Dharug people have rock art sites here over 14000 years old.
Walking Tracks
There are many great walking trails including Fairfax heritage track


Photo courtesy - Tourism NSW
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