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Network Marketing

Just like fishing for a beautiful Rainbow Trout in the Snowy Mountains, attracting visitors to the Australian Travel & Tourism Network requires the right bait, to interest users and visit our advertisers services. Optimising our network of travel sites is a large part of our online success. This helps to ensure our valued advertisers are always welcoming interested customers to their web sites.

Search Engines
As the first travel guide for Australia online 30 years ago, provides the Australian Travel & Tourism Network a huge historical advantage. Search engines and Google in particular, place an incredible amount of ranking value to websites who have been online for a long period of time. This is one of the reasons the Australian Travel & Tourism Network ranks so highly for the most popular Australian travel search terms, in Google, Yahoo, Bing and over 400+ local and topic related search engines worldwide. Advertisers also receive a search engine benefit for being involved with Australian Travel & Tourism Network, as we are crawled by search engines daily to find new content, with the flow on benefit being that these crawlers go on to search our advertiser sites also, helping them with their own rankings.

Link Partnerships
Important to maintaining search engine rankings and spreading the travel word for Australia, is forming link partnerships with similar travel related business around the world. The Australian Travel & Tourism Network has over 150,000 worldwide websites all linking in to our content. Up to 10% of visitors to the Australian Travel & Tourism Network can come directly from partner sites.

Social Networking
We also have Facebook & Twitter accounts with over 10 thousand signed up friends and followers. This feature of our service is to notify people about our advertisers and all their special offers.

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