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Gold Coast - Queensland

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Being safe and aware while enjoying your holidays, travelling Australia.
Australia is a wonderful country to holiday. Lots of activities, different type of destinations and friendly people everywhere. While travelling anywhere in Australia, is not without it's own risks, if you do your preparations and use commonsense, in most cases you should have problem free experiences.

Emergency Number - 000

The emergency number dials a central switchboard that will transfer your call to the relevent emergency service. Police, Firemen and Ambulance

The City
Just like any big city in the world, there is great shopping, restaurants, nightclubs, bars and hotels. And just like any big city, there are those on the fringes of society that would prey on visitors new to town. There are a few simple steps to take when in the city.
Try not to travel alone in out of the way places. Watch your drinks at hotels and bars. Be careful who you make friends with and dont carry a lot of cash on you. Always let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to be back at your hotel.

The Beach
Slip, Slop, Slap as they say. Slip on a shirt or appropriate covering for hot climates, Slop on sunscreen and Slap on a hat. Australia is not called the sunburnt country for no reason. It is the melanoma capital of the world. While it is good to get a tan on your holidays, its no fun at all spending your last days getting chemo! . Dont be alarmed, just sensible,the fairer your skin, the more damage that can be done. Dont bake in the middle of the day. When you are at the beach, it is recommended you swim between the flags, unless you are a strong swimmer or surfer, then just tell the clubbies to go jump. Most clubbies at Australian beaches do not surf and are volunteers who like razzing round in inflatables spewing toxic fumes into the waterways. But they have a purpose, and if you are not a good strong swimmer, you should hang between the flags.

The Desert
The desert is a big lonely beautiful place, and outback Australia is unique and will give you great memories and experience. Just be prepared. If you drive off road, carry the equipment you need to get you out of mud or boggy situations. Carry spare water and fuel, as there are not many service stations out there, and the ones you see will charge you the proverbial arm and leg. Let others know the route you are travelling and watch the weather, as in some areas can one minute be dry - the next a raging flood! Make sure you have charged phones, and extra food would be helpful in case of breakdown. Alway let others know where you are going.

The Tropics
What a great region the northern tropics of Queensland and the Northern Territory are. Just be aware, there are many things that bite and sting. In the waters from Rockhampton to Darwin, there are deadly stinging jellyfish during the months of november - april. Swim in protected areas. There are also crocodiles in the rivers and estuaries. Dont swim where there is the possibilities of crocodiles and do not camp near these areas. You would be asking for trouble.


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