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Stradbroke Islands Holidays - Queensland

Stradbroke’ or ‘Straddie’, is one of the largest sand islands, with the largest in the world being Fraser Island.

On one side of the island is long beautiful white sandy beaches, whilst on the "bay"side you have the calmer Moreton Bay waterways, that everyon can enjoy.

For those who like a bit of adventure and fun there are 4WD tours, diving, golf, and a spectrum of aquatic activities. For others who want a more relaxing day out, the Island offers bowls, bird watching, picnic spots and scenic walks. For further information about the wide range of activities and tours available, see activities and tours.

Stradbroke Island provides an excellent array of ocean pleasures, and is a very well known surfing destination that attracts enthusiasts all year round. Stradbroke is also a favorite of fishermen due to its perfect clean waters teaming with a range of quality fish in the region. There are so many good reasons to venture to Stradbroke Island, including the fact it has protected wetlands, freshwater lakes and lagoons to explore, which are inhabited by a variety of unique birds and animals. Come watch whales on a whale charter, or go to Point Lookout, for an excellent view of these magnificent creatures as the migrate past.

The weather is a very comfortable all year round for most people, with temperatures in Summer reaching peaks of 33C and winter regional temperatures of 22C being considered normal.

Getting to Stradbroke Island
Just one hour from Brisbane International Airport and Brisbane City and 1½ hours from the Gold Coast, North Stradbroke Island is easily accessible by fast water taxi or vehicular ferry from Cleveland.

South Stradbroke Island Sailing Cruise on a luxury yacht?

Accommodation on Stradbroke Island

Photos courtesy - Tourism QLD

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