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North Tasmania Holiday Destinations TAS


Situated just 64km from Bass Straight where the North and South Esk Rivers meet to become the Tamar River, Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania and the centre of the northern region. Surrounded by mountains, the city sits in the wide river valleys and has been given the name "The Garden City".

The history of the valley dates back to 1798 and Launceston was founded in 1805. Originally named Patersonia after the founder and first commandant, Colonel Paterson, who changed it to Launceston in honour of Governor King, whose birthplace was the Cornish township of Launceston. The city is now rich in heritage and graced with magnificent Victorian streetscapes and beautifully maintained historical architecture.

Just a few minutes walk from the centre, the South Esk plunges through the spectacular Cataract Gorge which can be seen from the longest chairlift span in the world a 308m journey which takes six minutes. The 12ha park containing the gorge boasts more than 70 species of fauna which is native to the area, including the South Esk Pine, only found in the river valley. City park with its enormous Elm and Oak trees, houses a small zoo and conservatory and produces spectacular flower shows.


Situated 63km east of Launceston, Scottsdale is the main town in the North East region and serves some of the richest agricultural and forest country in Tasmania. The town was named by the Government Surveyor, James Scott who first explored the North East hinterland in 1852. Timber from the pine forests is a major industry and a mill has been built seven kilometers east at Tonganah. There is also a large Birdseye processing factory specailising in the deep freezing and dehydration of vegetables.

George Town

George Town, situated near the mouth of the Tamar River is a flourishing commercial and residential centre. Close to some beautiful beaches, the town has modern visitor and recreation services. In 1804 Colonel William Paterson raised the Union Jack on Monument point and fired a salute from his ship, HMAS Buffalo, making George Town the first white settlement in the north and one of the first in Australia. The town was named after the King in 1811 by Governor Maquarie.


At the mouth of the Mersy River, almost in the middle of the North coast Devonport is referred to as the Gateway of Tasmania, being the Tasmanian port for the Spirit of Tasmania Bass Strait service. It is a modern, tourism orientated city with an airport for interstate and intrastate services with full accommodation and visitor faculties. The city has many attractions and some of the states best scenery is close by.


Nine kilometres up the Latrobe river from Devonport, Latrobe is known for its top quality cuisines, created from the local produce. The town is lined with Victorian shopfronts including antique shops and streetside cafes.


Ulverstone is situated on the banks of the Leven River 21km west of Devonport. The beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery including mountains, waterfalls, and raging rivers, make Ulverstone the prefect place for a holiday in the North West. The town has a good range of accommodation, great picnic spots, barbecues, playgrounds and sporting facilities. Attractions include limestone caves and the magnificent Leven Canyon.


Penguin is situated 31km west of Devonport on three small bays below the spectacular Dial Range ,which rises steeply behind the town. The town is named after the fairy penguins who live in the rookeries along the coast. They can be observed during the summer months. There are good bushwalking tracks in the Dial Range and the view from Mt Montgomery at the northern end of the range is magnificent.


Located 150km west of Devonport, Burnie is a busy port which handles more than 2 million tonnes of cargo a year and has the states only regular shipping service. The town is in a key position, being the gateway of the scenic and historic area of the Far North West including the rich mining area of the West Coast. Burnie sits on the shores of Emu Bay and has some fine gardens and natural beauty including :- Burnie Park, Fern Glade, Guide Falls, and Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens.

Six kilometres west is the town of Somerset on the Cam River, an industrial town with timber and plywood mills.


Wynyard is a peaceful town at the mouth of the Inglis River, nestled beneath the scenic Table Cape and is the centre of a prosperous dairy farming area. The nearby Table Cape, a flat topped promontory rich in volcanic soils with spectacular cliffs which drop down to the sea has been a landmark since the early days of settlement. The town has a significant tourism industry with a good range of accommodation and a major airport with daily services to Melbourne.


The centre of Circular Head municipality, Smithton was the first settlement in the Far North West and was named by Bass and Flinders in 1798. The area has rich farmland, much of which has been reclaimed from swamp, and has an economy based on dairy farming, timber and fishing. Many rivers wind through spectacular Beech forests and undulating farmlands. Bones of animals which roamed around the area more than 40 000 years ago have been found on farmland drained around Mella. They include remains of a giant wombat, a marsupial rhinoceros and a giant kangaroo. There is hotel and motel accommodation and excellent fishing and boating in the rivers and Duck Bay.

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