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How do I apply for a visitor visa?

Application forms can be obtained by contacting your closest Australian Consulate, Embassy or High Commission. You can also apply in person.

How long does it take to get a visa?

In person: U.S. and Canadian citizens can generally receive a short-stay visa while they wait.
By mail: Allow at least 21 working days. Secure and Express Mail (not courier services) are recommended.

Do I have to pay a fee?

If you intend to stay in Australia for three months or less, no application processing fee is payable. However an application to extend your stay after arrival will cost A$135.
A US$24 or CAN$30 processing fee must also accompany an application for a visitor visa where the intended stay in Australia is more than three months. Visas in this category may authorize a stay for up to an additional three months. Any further extension will cost A$135. Longer stay visas are normally for 3-6 months stay

Visas generally allow for multiple entries for a twelve month period. For the same processing fee of US$24, or CAN$30, you can apply for a visa valid for four years (or the life of your passport if this is less than four years). You will then not have to reapply for a visa each year you wish to visit Australia in the next four years.

How long can I stay in Australia?

As a visitor you are expected to apply for a visa which covers the full period of your intended stay. Visitors are generally granted a maximum of six months stay in any one twelve month period. As a visitor you are not allowed to be employed or take formal study in Australia. Non-formal study may be taken for up to three months (but there are limitations on extensions for study purposes).

How should I lodge my Visa Application?

The application form must be signed by the applicant personally. All persons traveling on their own passport must complete an application form. Each passport holder will be Issued with their own visa. Children under I8 years of age must provide their birth certificate showing both parents. Any parent listed on the birth certificate who is not a visa applicant along with the child, must provide notarized consent to the child traveling Or evidence that they will accompany the child (travel bookings and notarised copy Australian or NZ passport or valid visa for Australia.
When applying by mail, include a stamped self-addressed envelope large enough to enable the return of your passport. (t is your responsibility to ensure that the envelope you submit bears the necessary postage markings to enable return of your passport by certified registered, express or special-delivery mail. Applying by first class, certified or registered mail can take up to 21 days in some parts of North America. Secure, Express Mail is recommended (US Postal Express pre-paid is ideal).
A number of offices are unable to use UPS or other couriers services.

There are often additional processing requirements non-US and non-Canadian citizens (including evidence of status and, where applicable, right of re-entry to the USA. Please check with your local Consulate and generally allow more time for processing.

What about Working Visas & Immigration:,

Temporary working visas can usually be obtained by people sponsored by companies or an employer in Australia. If you're approved for a temporary working visa, you can find a variety of jobs to see what types of work are available and find employment before you move. Permanent entry is generally restricted to those people who pass a rigorous points test, unless you are being sponsored as a spouse or fiancee, or dependent child.

For further details go to Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs contact your closest Australian Consulate, Embassy or High Commission


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